Hannah Sampson

Grants Assistant

Beginning my career at Pears Foundation is a privilege; not many people have the opportunity to learn about the third sector from the funder’s perspective, and at a Foundation where emphasis is placed upon partnership. Having learnt about the importance of philanthropy in society, I am very excited about continuing my career in the philanthropic sector and being part of a foundation team that makes a real difference.

Hannah began her career as an Intern for the Foundation in October 2015, supporting and learning from the team. Having become a core member of the team, she is now the Foundation’s Grant Assistant where she continues to support the grant managers and their partners.

She recently graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Social Policy and has a keen interest in encouraging and achieving positive wellbeing for young people.

Through her short time at the Foundation, Hannah has already learned a great deal about philanthropy and the important role philanthropists play within the third sector and funder/grantee relationships. Having established a true interest in the philanthropic sector, she is very excited about developing her career and continuing to learn at Pears Foundation.