Pears Foundation backed BeyondMe from the start, believing in our mission to empower professionals working in corporations to be generous and to enable charities to benefit from them. The Foundation’s support allowed BeyondMe to demonstrate a track record of success and transition to becoming financially sustainable. Today, we have launched over 100 partnerships, which means our movement has over 1,000 highly engaged people who are eager to commit to charitable causes important to them and build lasting, trusting relationships that create a more meaningful impact in the world beyond them.
Kawika Solidum, Chief Executive, BeyondMe
Philanthropy is as much an attitude as an activity. Pears Foundation encourages people to engage with charities and charitable causes at every stage of their lives and BeyondMe is playing a vital role in creating and celebrating a culture of philanthropy in the private sector.
Sir Trevor Pears CMG

Philanthropy is about more than just money; it is about engagement. Pears Foundation’s partners encourage people to engage in philanthropy at different stages throughout their lives, at school, in their everyday life and, through BeyondMe, in their workplace.

Founded in 2011, BeyondMe provides a platform for young professionals to understand and engage with the charity sector and give their time and skills as well as their money.

BeyondMe brings together professionals, businesses and charities. Young professionals from some of the UK’s top corporate businesses sign up and are formed into teams, each mentored by a senior leader from their organisation. BeyondMe then matches the teams and their skills with a charity that is looking for pro bono assistance from skilled professionals.

The charities themselves apply and go through a selection process and the finalists design a year-long project to work on with their BeyondMe team. By working on the projects together the professional teams and charities build long-term partnerships, with each team donating, on average, £3,000-£6,000 and over 150 hours of volunteering to their charity partners each year.

The programme is helping to achieve a cultural shift in the way that young professionals engage with philanthropy and the third sector, encouraging them to give at an early point in their career as well as giving them an opportunity to engage with a charitable cause and learn how charities work and the issues and challenges they face. This lays the foundations for long term commitments to volunteering and giving.

Pears Foundation has funded BeyondMe since its inception, from seed funding the pilot projects at Deloitte and KPMG to investing core funding once the model had been established. By committing support over a five-year period Pears has enabled the charity to demonstrate the impact of its programmes.