Pears Foundation’s contribution to AfriKids has been invaluable. Their commitment and engagement in our objectives has sustained for years. Most importantly, they have given us space. They gave us a physical space when we most needed it, to get organised and find our feet. They gave us the core funding that provided room to think and grow. Ultimately though, it has been their willingness to take risks on unproven projects that has had the deepest impact. This gave us the space – practically and creatively – to save the lives of some of Ghana’s most vulnerable children.
Georgie Fienberg, AfriKids Founder
AfriKids’ accomplishments remain a tremendous source of pride for everyone at Pears. Their achievement in delivering such a wide range of sustainable services to Africa’s most vulnerable children is a model for investment in the region. We look forward to watching AfriKids Ghana continue the work that the UK team has so successfully begun.
Sir Trevor Pears CMG

AfriKids is a child rights and community development organisation working in northern Ghana to alleviate child suffering and poverty.

In 2015, it was voted International Charity of the Year at the Charity Times awards.

Today AfriKids Ghana runs twenty-eight projects which support more than 150,000 people a year with healthcare, education, child protection, livelihoods, advocacy and social enterprise.

The majority of AfriKids’ work takes place in the Upper East Region, with some partners’ work having been supported in the Northern, Upper West and Ashanti regions. Ghana's Northern regions are an extremely poor part of the world, with development indicators lagging far behind those of southern Ghana. One in nine children die before their fifth birthday and more than half of the population live in poverty, in contrast to 6% in the capital, Accra.

AfriKids’ partnership with Pears Foundation began in 2003, with investment in specific projects, but has grown into a decade of core funding and support totalling over £750,000.

Their philosophy to Listen, Empower and Sustain includes investment in social enterprises to reduce the charity’s costs, provide valuable goods and services and create employment opportunities while helping to generate the charity’s funding locally. AfriKids’ commitment to local sustainability also includes capacity building – all working towards AfriKids Ghana being fully self-sufficient; managing all areas of the charity’s operations themselves, from fundraising to programme management. It is a genuine exercise in sustainability.