Without the continual and strategic support of foundations like Pears, who have the foresight to invest in organisations and communities holistically, our work would be patchy, and short-lived. Instead we have grown together, meeting new and increasing challenges in measured and purposeful ways.
Yasmeen Akhtar, Programmes Manager, 3FF
3FF provides a safe space for young people to meet each other and engage with difficult issues of faith and identity. We love that it enables them to have a genuine encounter and explore their differences as well as their similarities.
Amy Braier

3FF (Three Faiths Forum) works to build a better connected and more cohesive society, where people of different faiths, beliefs and cultures have strong, productive and positive relations.

Tensions in UK community relations are played out acutely in school classrooms and on university campuses. This is why Pears Foundation supports 3FF’s education work, which includes workshops, skills development, schools linking programmes, teacher training and volunteer training.

The organisation’s flagship schools programme is the Encountering Faiths and Beliefs workshop which gives school students the opportunity to deepen their learning by engaging directly with people from a variety of traditions.

On university campuses, 3FF runs the ParliaMentors programme, a UN award-winning leadership development scheme that enables university students from different backgrounds to work together on social action projects in their communities, mentored by an MP or Peer. Pears Foundation provided the funding to pilot ParliaMentors in 2007 and has supported it since then, enabling 3FF’s staff to learn from their experiences and grow and improve the programme. It currently has over 300 alumni who are now starting to organise programming and events for themselves.

The partnership between 3FF and Pears Foundation is one of the Foundation’s longest-standing relationships, with investments totalling over £1.1 million over eight years as both organisations learn and grow together.  It is a partnership built on a shared belief in the power of positive social relations, the importance of understanding and celebrating identity.