Jewish values creating social change

Pears Foundation holds at its core the obligation, shared by all Jews, to contribute to the wider world.

Our flagship programme is JHub, an initiative which inspires and supports positive social change, both in the British Jewish community and beyond.

We also support organisations that inspire people to contribute to international development efforts and issues of global justice.


Our research into social action by the UK Jewish community highlighted the potential benefit in creating a shared office space for emerging Jewish social action organisations. In response we created JHub.

JHub brings together people and organisations who share a commitment to Jewish values. It offers space for people to work, meet and learn, provides resources, development, training and events and champions the work and voice of social change organisations.

Members are challenged and inspired by causes including human rights, refugee and asylum issues, green campaigns, sustainable development and volunteering in the UK and abroad.

Pears Foundation also works with more established organisations, such as Limmud and JW3, which work to engage the wider community in social justice issues.

International development

The Foundation is passionate about enabling a new generation of Jewish activists to contribute their time, energy and expertise to make a meaningful impact in the developing world.

Having partnered with Israeli organisation Tevel b’Tzedek for many years, we are now working with them on a pilot programme to engage young Jews in long-term volunteering.

We also invest in organisations that offer short-term volunteering and education initiatives. These include:

Our commitment to development goes wider than the Jewish community. We are funding research by VSO to understand the impact of volunteering on poverty, while our support for AfriKids has helped them to grow from a start-up to an award-winning development charity.

The Foundation has recently entered into a partnership with The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, supporting their five-year programme to eliminate blinding trachoma, the most common infectious cause of blindness in the Commonwealth.

We have also partnered with the Stars Foundation on the Fund the Front Line Campaign to raise awareness of the need to support local leaders in international development.

Social Justice in Israel

Pears Foundation co-established the UK Task Force on issues relating to Arab Citizens of Israel, a coalition which aims to engage and educate British Jews on issues relating to Israel’s 1.2 million Arab citizens.

There is increasing division between Israel’s citizens and it is vital for Jews outside the country to be aware of the issues so they can play a constructive role.

Task Force activities include briefings, educational activities and events. It organises study tours so that members can gain a deeper understanding through visits to Arab communities and engagement with activists and policy makers from across the spectrum.

In addition to our work with the Task Force, the Foundation invests in organisations working to promote social change and co-existence within Israel.

Other partners in this programme area include: